Thursday, 19 April 2012

Enhancement vs. Altering Adverts

Hey Girlies :)

Now I must not be alone when I say that computerised enhancements to beauty adverts really riles me something silly.
Its like they think were stupid, anyone one remember the infamous Julia Roberts/Lancome ad that got banned? Yes, i thought you might! 
I just really think it takes the biscuit to be honest, Can you imagine people of the older generation that aren't so 'down with the kids' and don't realise that they have all been altered etc can you imagine how they feel ? I know I would feel like I HAD to get that product, that if Julia Roberts is the same age or older and she looks that good then I have to get it... When we all know really that it wont make that much difference?

Or even who remembers the Zoey Deschanel and Rimmel advert? I'll insert a picture for all of you that haven't

Now, I'm sorry but who would even want eyelashes like that, even as false lashes I'd return them to boots straight away and say sorry you've missold some eyelashes to me, they are actually two big black hair caterpillars! I honestly am all for a slight 'enhancement' to products because lets face it even in other adverts they do things such as polish the kitchen sink so shiny that it would be deathly to the eye, or even change the shape of a burger in a McDonald's ad ( If they don't I am defiantly going to the wrong Super Macs!!)

It happens in all advertising and as a marketing student i should know that , and the ASA ( advertising standards agency) say as long as it doesn't misrepresent what it can do then lash inserts, fake tan and all sorts are allowed. Now, I'm not being funny, but surely the above Rimmel advert totally misrepresents what it can do, im not even sure if that mascara lengthens or volumises. Who knows? But I definitely think the grey area between enhancement and altering is far too large, surly if ads like this can pass through and be shown then surly something needs to be done.

In the end i think it all boils down to the pressure that women are under these days to look and be a certain way. I would hate to think about the amount of women that hate themselves because of these type of adverts and for young girls... don't even go there, hardly great role models are they? And for boys and men? Gives them a totally unrealistic view of what women look like/ are/ will look like in the future when there pushing on a bit ;) but seriously I think its so damaging to our society and when will people stand up and make a stand against it?

Enhancement vs Altering Adverts - whats you stance on the issue?
Do you think it degrades women?
How does it make you feel ?

L xxxxxx