Friday, 14 October 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick

Hey Guys,

I have just recieved my Chanel lipstick from and I am so excited I had to share! If you don't know what Buyapower is then I will give you some background. Buyapower is a website that likes you give you products for the cheapest way possible, sounds dodgy right? Well it's not surprisingly!  Basically the more people that buy or co-buy the cheaper they can sell it to you for. Are you still with me? So i can buy something for £20, but if 100 people buy it after me it can go down to £10 and you will always pay the cheapest price! How good is that!

Well when I saw they were selling a Chanel Lipstick, I had to buy one right?  In shade 05 Mademoiselle, this is one of Chanel's classic shades in a lovely hydrating formula but comes with a hefty £23.00 RRP! Ouch! But with Buyapower I got it for an AMAZING £16.99, that's a 26% discount, and not only that it was gift wrapped as if I had bought it straight from the counter!

 How gorgeous?

I ripped off the wrapping paper in my excitement!

As you can see it was beautifully wrapped, but was it worth the £16.99 I paid?

Love the logo on the bullet, adds prestige to the product

As the picture shows it is very glossy and very hydrating, it is everything a MAC cremesheen is and more! The colour is a lot more intense in the pictures, however it is very build able depending on the look you are going for, with that real hint of sheen. I love the colour, although it was pre-picked, but I can understand why this is such a cult product for Channel.

Was it worth it? YES every penny, I have so many lipsticks in my collection but this one has leap-froged over them, even the packaging make me go weak at the knees! Is it worth £23 full price? Yes, but not if you was to collect like I do- find a colour that works for you and stick with that one, but if I get the chance to buy at this price again, I will !

Have you tried Chanel lipsticks? Do you think they are worth the money?