Thursday, 19 April 2012

Enhancement vs. Altering Adverts

Hey Girlies :)

Now I must not be alone when I say that computerised enhancements to beauty adverts really riles me something silly.
Its like they think were stupid, anyone one remember the infamous Julia Roberts/Lancome ad that got banned? Yes, i thought you might! 
I just really think it takes the biscuit to be honest, Can you imagine people of the older generation that aren't so 'down with the kids' and don't realise that they have all been altered etc can you imagine how they feel ? I know I would feel like I HAD to get that product, that if Julia Roberts is the same age or older and she looks that good then I have to get it... When we all know really that it wont make that much difference?

Or even who remembers the Zoey Deschanel and Rimmel advert? I'll insert a picture for all of you that haven't

Now, I'm sorry but who would even want eyelashes like that, even as false lashes I'd return them to boots straight away and say sorry you've missold some eyelashes to me, they are actually two big black hair caterpillars! I honestly am all for a slight 'enhancement' to products because lets face it even in other adverts they do things such as polish the kitchen sink so shiny that it would be deathly to the eye, or even change the shape of a burger in a McDonald's ad ( If they don't I am defiantly going to the wrong Super Macs!!)

It happens in all advertising and as a marketing student i should know that , and the ASA ( advertising standards agency) say as long as it doesn't misrepresent what it can do then lash inserts, fake tan and all sorts are allowed. Now, I'm not being funny, but surely the above Rimmel advert totally misrepresents what it can do, im not even sure if that mascara lengthens or volumises. Who knows? But I definitely think the grey area between enhancement and altering is far too large, surly if ads like this can pass through and be shown then surly something needs to be done.

In the end i think it all boils down to the pressure that women are under these days to look and be a certain way. I would hate to think about the amount of women that hate themselves because of these type of adverts and for young girls... don't even go there, hardly great role models are they? And for boys and men? Gives them a totally unrealistic view of what women look like/ are/ will look like in the future when there pushing on a bit ;) but seriously I think its so damaging to our society and when will people stand up and make a stand against it?

Enhancement vs Altering Adverts - whats you stance on the issue?
Do you think it degrades women?
How does it make you feel ?

L xxxxxx

Thursday, 1 March 2012

RANT: Are those your REAL Eyelashes?

I am SO sorry I havent posted in a while ladies, I am been rushed off my feet with my new job at Benefit and Uni and if I am honest I haven't had time to blog.


After seeing Chezza Cole's new L'oreal advert showing no fake lashes for a mascara ad and people are bashing it saying her lashes look awful! Now I don't think they look amazing, however, are people now saying that they infact want to see... Follwing this back lash the 'still image' adverts are now showing some signs of alteration

Now they are still saying that it shows no enhancement and is just Chezza's lashes. LIE. blatent lie! I'm sorry but as a consumer I just want to be shown the real deal and not what a pair of 'fake' fake lashes look like?

How do you feel? Am I Alone in this? Do you feel as angered as me?

Not even in relation to this ad, just in general? Air brushing, Enhancement etc, don't you just want to know what the product actually does, not what 'they say it does' or 'what photoshop makes the product do'

AHHHH this is annoying me as I type ! LOL

What do you guys think?

Am I over exaggerating? Do you prefer to see an exaggerated reality?

Love to you all



Sunday, 22 January 2012

Haul: 22/01/2012

Hey Girls,
Just a small haul for you today of a few bits I've picked up recently, from boots and some blog sales :)

Vitamin E Intensive moisture cream
Clinque Even Better Foundation in 06 Honey (Blog Sale)
Oilatum Naturel Repair Face Cream
2 x NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Antwerp & Amsterdam (Blog Sale)
Batiste Tropical
Estee Lauder Double Wear in Tawny
Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo

Will have some reviews coming for you soon :)
Have a Great Day Guys

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Blog Sale 15/01/2012

Hey Guys
Here's a few bits I have gotten together for a blog sale 
UK only please- all prices include postage 
If paid by 9pm tonight, I will send tomorrow
If not paid within 24hrs it will go to next in the queue
Please email me your order
Happy Shopping

Neal and Wolf Shine Spray - Never Used £4
Bed Head Sugar Dust - Never Used £4
Lee Stafford Shine Spray and Hairspray - Never Used £2 each
Global Keratin Hair Taming System - Never Used £9 (RRP £19)
Ojon Colour Sustain Colour Protecting Cream - Never Used £7

Bed Head After Party - Used a few times ( you can see usage) £6

Skin Truth Toner - 3/4 left £4
Bare Minerals Night Treatment - Opened once £25 (RRP £38)
Soap & Glory Flake Away - Never Used £5
Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub - SOLD

Body Shop Candied Ginger Body Scrubs (x2) - Never used £3.50
Body Shop Candied Ginger Body Wash - Never Used £3
Soap and Glory Moisturising Body Mist - Used 3x £4
Make up Forever Smoky Lash (Black) - SOLD
Sleek Molten Metal - Silver and Black - Swatched £3.50
Sleek Face Contour Kit in Medium - Swatched £3.50

Revlon Facets of Fuscia - Swatched £5
OPI My Private Jet - SOLD
OPI Warm and Fozzie (Muppets) - SOLD
OPI Divine Swine (Muppet) - SOLD
China Glaze For Audrey - Never used £5
Ciate Paint Pot Big Yellow Taxi - Never used £5
Deborah Lippmann Glossybox Sample-SOLD

Happy Buying Guys xxxxx

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Haul: My first two MAC eye shadows

Hi Girls,

Yes, you read that correctly, I actually treated myself to two MAC eyeshadows, before my spending ban of course. I was in Westfields in Stratford and it was so busy, and surprisingly as I creeped past MAC so that my boyfriend wouldn't see me looking, it was empty! How strange - I think that is the only time he has ever been pleased to step into any establishment selling make up! 

I bought Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe, both of which I have heard so much about. I was going to get 'All that glitters' originally however, it was slightly too pink for me, so I changed for Naked Lunch. I have wanted satin taupe for so long, as I am really into taupey colours at the moment. They both look great on and to my surprise they look great together, Naked Lunch on the lid and Satin Taupe really well blended into the crease and under the eye. I think it is a lot of money, but as a treat I love them. I have my eye on a few more when my spending ban ends, so I will keep you updated.

Do you like MAC eyeshadows? Think they are worth the hype?

See you soon


Friday, 6 January 2012

NOTD: Two of my OPI Favourites

Hey Girlies,

Just a quick nail of the day for you with two of my favourite OPI polishes

Scull and Glossbones and Rainbow Connection

Yes, I'm still feeling festive! Have a BLINGTASTIC day :) 


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner

Hey Girls,

After seeing Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo go on about this eye liner I thought, (as you do), I need this in my life. LOL * I do know they are affiliated with Avon, but some how I believe that they only chose products they actually like* Not having an Avon lady was problematic, until someone on twitter alerted me that you can now buy on-line? When did that happen, so I went and ordered myself a new eye-liner in Black. (Just in-time for my spending ban)

Just as I expected it is a gel format which means it is really soft and easy to work with, however if applying to the upper lash line, you do need to be very light with your application. Apart from that I am loving this eye-liner, it's staying power is amazing. I have a real trouble when putting things on my waterline with them either a) not lasting b) transferring under my eye- and the Kiss look is not the type of look I go for. But it stays in place beautifully and never had to touch it up. With a price tag of £3.50 it is a steal! I might even look into buying some more colours, this is Holy Grail material!

Have you tried any Avon products before? What do you think?
Speak to You soon


Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Hey Guys,
Just to warn, this is a very text heavy post - but I hope you enjoy none the less :)
So it's that time of the year again, most of us wont keep them for more than a week, some wont even keep them past the day. Whether it's to stop smoking, lose weight or to give up drinking (alcohol of course!) everyone has been there, right? Well this year I am making bargains with myself to make them happen, every New Year I say I'm going to lose weight, I'm going to be more organised, but with no goal/reason to do it, I have never succeeded. So with all the resolutions and targets in place, I shall begin.

(1) Probably the most popular NY resolution. To lose weight. LOL I say this  year, and never succeed, mainly because I think I am too easily influenced by other people. One chocolate wont make a difference, another slice wont hurt, and BAM your off the wagon. bad times. Also I think you have to have the right frame of mind, if you feel like crap chances are you wont follow through with it. So... I am in a happy place in my life, ready to take the plunge and joining my local Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday :) FUN TIMES. (I have also been chatting to a few people on twitter about our aims and we are all going to be supporting each other, so come and join in @LCCxox.) I have done WW before and (obviously) failed, but again I don't think I had the right frame of mind. But I do have my graduation coming up in June and I want to wear a fab dress for it, obviously from a brand that doesn't do my size now, to make me feel even better ;)

(2) To look after my skin better. Now I have my clarisonic (Post coming soon) this will make it so much easier, I am sick of my skin just looking a bit... YUCK, so I will be using my enlarged toothbrush twice a day with my Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser (Obviously without the cloth!) to make sure my skin is in tip top condition.

(3) Curb my spending. Being such an avid reader of beauty blogs and watcher of Youtube videos, means that people become enablers telling you to buy this and this and this oh and while your in their this as well. I usually would think nothing of spending £50 in Boots/Superdrug on a normal day just picking up 'essentials' but in all honestly, I have enough skincare, make up, hair care and nail polish to sink a very large battle ship and I am running out of room, and to be frank. It all costs so much money! So unless its a necessity ie. I need it, I'm not buying, with the exception of limited edition items I think, that would be awful I think ;)

I think that's it for now LOL, I think it's quite enough to get my teeth into. Have you made any new years resolutions? I'd love to hear them :)

Wishing you all the best for 2012 and your resolutions


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