Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My New Camera :)

Hey Girls,

Some of you may have read my tweet on Christmas Day about my NEW and Shiny Camera! Santa treated me to a gorgeous FUJIFILM Finepix S3200. For those of you that know about cameras it is 14 Megapixels, 24x zoom and is HD filming. I have no idea what all of that means however, I know that I love it :)

I couldn't wait to play and this is the most adventurous thing I could come up with :/ haha! But look forward to better quality pictures and I have just ordered a tripod for it , so maybe some OOTD pics too :)

What did you get for Christmas, anything nice?


Shellac Manicure & NOTD

Hey Girls,

Hope you all had lovely christmas' :)

You may have heard Shellac, floating around the beauty community for a while now and you may have even had in done. However, for those of you who don't know what Shellac is, it is a manicure treatment where the nails are painted but it has the staying power of gel nails.Supposedly lasting 2 weeks, that I do not know yet however, I did have them done today and I am really excited to show you all :)

Shellac Manicure in Iced Capuchino

Now I hate the colour, but I LOVE the way it feels on my nails,  feels just like false nails, which I have done religiously but I love that they are short and practical. Again the downside is that the colour range is tiny and I hate the colour I have, however the salon around the corner does 'Gelish'. Same concept different name, and better colours, which I may try next time :) 

Have you had Shellac done before? What are you thoughts on this concept?


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Winter Foundation Routine

Hey Giiirls,

Hope you are all well in this freezing weather, at the moment my skin is awful, its really taken a bash with the whole heating/cold weather and I have been struggling to find a combination that would be high enough coverage without drying my skin out any more than in currently is. I have been playing around with the 9 foundations in my collection *shocked face for when I counted* and this is something that I have really been enjoying wearing both day and night.

I always spray my Lush Tea Tree Water toner, to my face and allow to dry before moisturising with my Oilatum Natural Repair face cream. I then use Jemma Kidd Light as Air Liquid foundation buffed into my skin with a Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki. Now I bought this foundation back in May and I totally forgot about it, until Anna mentioned it in one of her videos and I suddenly thought I better whip this baby back out! I wear shade 04 light and I am about an NC35/40 to give you an idea on colouring. I really love it high coverage, great texture and really doesn't dry your skin out. I then pop my MAC Studio Care-blend powder in Medium Dark over the top with a Sigma Duo Fibre F50. Now this sets the foundation perfectly as I find the MSF natural are far to heavy for my skin and leave it looking cakey. But I really love and recommend this powder and even this combination.

Have you changed your base for winter?

Lots of Love 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Monday, 12 December 2011

Black Friday Sigma Brushes Order

Hey Girls,

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I made a cheeky Sigma purchase on Black Friday. They were offering free worldwide shipping, which is the only thing that puts me off buying sigma as it is so god-darned expensive to ship! However I have been wanting some brushes after buying two F84's - Angled top Kabukis, which I use for my foundation and in the summer my Chanel Bronze Universal. 

After spending ages looking at my budget (after all it was a pretty impulsive buy), and deciding what was the best option, I went for the travel kit, which was not only cheap but also was on sale, so after the deductions and the currency exchange I paid a little over £30.00 .... SO CHEAP :) It then proceeded me to the checkout and said can take up to  12 weeks for standard delivery which didn't bother me too much as I know they only do that for if customs want to check the package. However low and behold 2 and a half weeks later they were here ....

Just covering my address 

And they were SO beautiful as I opened, everything in the net bags, unfortunately I was too excited to grab my camera so your imagination will be needed ;) and excuse the dirty brushes, I wanted to try them all before giving my opinions.

In this set I received (L-R)
Large powder F30, Duo Fibre F50, Large Angle Contour F40, Foundation F60
Tapered Blending E40, Pencil E30, Eye Shading E55

I also received 2 brushes free !

They were:
Short Shader E20 and Blending E25

I was so happy with my order I couldn't wait to use them so rocked a full on smoky eye to work just to get to use them.... So what do I think?

F30: Lovely brush, as its travel size obviously a lot smaller but perfect for blush, great shape for the job
F50: Again lovely brush, great for cream blusher, but at the moment I'm loving it for my setting powder
F40: Love this brush as a contour brush, perfect size, works great with my Hoola
F60: This is the only brush I haven't used as I hate this style of foundation brush, but is so soft and well shaped
E40: This is my favourite and my new holygrail brush, I never even thought I needed it as I had blending brushes etc. However its perfect for having no colour on it and just blending each colour out MUST HAVE
E55: To me this is a standard brush for packing on colour, obviously if you don't have one then this is good but I have a million and one other brushes like this
E30: This is my next favourite behind the E40, perfect for smudging colour under the lower lash line- again love this brush, can't see myself without it
E25: As much as this is a great brush it is exactly the same as the No.7 one, like exactly the same, so obviously the brush is a must but you can access it cheaper when the No.7 vouchers are running.
E20:I love this brush, has the same principle as the E30, but also love it for laying black shadow alone the lashline before adding gel liner

So there we have it,  I love these brushes, and wouldn't go back, I may save and buy the full size ones that come in the tube that becomes the 2 holders

Have you tried Sigma before? What do you think?

Lots of love 

They are offering a free gift with every purchase at the moment (this post is not sponsored!) 

New Job and New beginnings....

Hey Guys,

Just a quick message to say I have a new job :) I have finally broken into the world of cosmetics and I will be working for Benefit :) 
I am so happy as Benefit are one of my favourite brands and have been since I was younger, my first high-end purchase was a Benefit Hoola ;) 
I will be working on one of the counters in Bluewater, so if you see me come and say Hi!

Thank you for all of your congratulations messages on twitter, means so much :) 

I am just putting together a Sigma brush review for you all :) so I will speak to you all soon :)

Lots of Love 
Laura xxx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Naked Lips

Hey Girlies,

Now today the whole world and his wife are going on about the 'Naked 2' palette -[ which if you are wondering I am very undecided whether to buy] however, I am still obsessed by a naked lip. See what I did there? ;) I'm not talking about Creme d'nude or Hue, or even Shy Girl... 

I am talking about a lipstick that costs £5.49 and blows the rest out of the water!

Drum roll please......

           I think I went a bit overboard with the editing :s
Kate Moss 003

I know these lipsticks have been doing the rounds for a while, however I had bought the 002 a while back and kicked myself as it is an exact copy of the Revlon Fuscia, which you all know I LOVE! However, I was in boots and it was 3 for 2 and so I decided to buy another nude, as if I need one! And that is where the love affair started.

Shy Girl, Kate 003, Creme d'Nude

The darkest of my 'now' 3 favourite nudes, it has the glossiness of it's MAC cousins, but the thing I love is that is has the longevity that the cremesheens don't. It lasts pretty well, exceptional next to its peers but then fades slowly opposed to the others that get quite 'bitty'. But the colour... I love.... it compliments my skin tone fantastically

Have you tried any of the Kate Moss Lipsticks?
What do you think?

Lots of Love
Laura xxx

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Hello and a Talk about my Favourite Autumn / Winter Lips

Hi Girlies,

Long time no see! I've been working hard on this new blog for a new direction and content :)  And here we are finally! Please let me know what you think and I hope you love it as much as I do, there will be bits changeing over the next few weeks as I tweek it so bear with me  :) A BIG shout out to Stacie for making my header for me and helping me out in general - I'm hopeless :)  OH, don't forget to 'like' me on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter for general make-up ramblings and Bants ;)

So, as you may know I have a real love for lipstick and Autumn/ Winter is always the best as you can get away with some much more, so I thought I would do a quick post on my top 4 Wintumn colours ;)

Firstly we have Revlon's Colorburst Lipstick in 030 Fuchia , LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour - very similar to MAC's Girl about town and Kate Moss's Number 002. Wears really well and the colour is so intense, defiantly my go-to Winter lip colour

We then have Estee Lauder's Mystic Mauve, this is a really dusky yet still quite neutral shade so is very wearable during the day, it again is very glossy and wearable and fades just nicely.

Very similar to the last but is just a tad warmer is the Channel Rouge Coco in 05 Mademoiselle, a purchase from which I am still LOVING as its just the glossiest lipstick I have owned- as well as the gorgeous packaging I am never ashamed to pull this one out of my bag, I kinda wish it didn't last as long so that I could re-apply more often ;)

Finally I have chosen MAC's Ravishing which is not one for everyone, but people with darker skin tones will pull this off just perfectly. It is a real change from the red/pink/purple lips of winter and inject some colour, it is a cremesheen so again is really glossy and paired with my Lipcote lasts all day :)

What are you favourite Wintumn colours?
Is Wintumn something that should catch on? ;)

Lots of Love


Friday, 14 October 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick

Hey Guys,

I have just recieved my Chanel lipstick from and I am so excited I had to share! If you don't know what Buyapower is then I will give you some background. Buyapower is a website that likes you give you products for the cheapest way possible, sounds dodgy right? Well it's not surprisingly!  Basically the more people that buy or co-buy the cheaper they can sell it to you for. Are you still with me? So i can buy something for £20, but if 100 people buy it after me it can go down to £10 and you will always pay the cheapest price! How good is that!

Well when I saw they were selling a Chanel Lipstick, I had to buy one right?  In shade 05 Mademoiselle, this is one of Chanel's classic shades in a lovely hydrating formula but comes with a hefty £23.00 RRP! Ouch! But with Buyapower I got it for an AMAZING £16.99, that's a 26% discount, and not only that it was gift wrapped as if I had bought it straight from the counter!

 How gorgeous?

I ripped off the wrapping paper in my excitement!

As you can see it was beautifully wrapped, but was it worth the £16.99 I paid?

Love the logo on the bullet, adds prestige to the product

As the picture shows it is very glossy and very hydrating, it is everything a MAC cremesheen is and more! The colour is a lot more intense in the pictures, however it is very build able depending on the look you are going for, with that real hint of sheen. I love the colour, although it was pre-picked, but I can understand why this is such a cult product for Channel.

Was it worth it? YES every penny, I have so many lipsticks in my collection but this one has leap-froged over them, even the packaging make me go weak at the knees! Is it worth £23 full price? Yes, but not if you was to collect like I do- find a colour that works for you and stick with that one, but if I get the chance to buy at this price again, I will !

Have you tried Chanel lipsticks? Do you think they are worth the money?



Tuesday, 27 September 2011

South Coast and South Meet-up

Hey Girls,

I am really excited to announce/organise a bloggers meet up for us southerners! I always see meet ups that take place up north and in London and none ever seem to take place down south! I'm sure there must be a few of us hiding in the woodwork! But of course if you are a Northern or central? blogger we would love to meet you too!

When:                     26th and 27th November 2011
Where:                    Brighton

There is no plans set in stone, however was thinking shopping and a few drinks then moving on the bright lights of West St. for a night out- obviously you would have to be over 18 for this, but under 18's are very welcome to come for the day time ! I'm sure it will be a jam packed two days so to ensure this can happen can you Email, tweet me or comment below and let me know you are interested :) and of course, re-post on your blog to ensure we can meet as many people as possible.

My Email is and my twitter is @LCCxox

I look forward to hearing from you all and finally meeting some of you :)


September 2011 Favourites...

Hi Guys,

I cannot believe it's the end of September already, eeeek! Back to Uni next week for my final year- that is  so scary! However this month I have been loving the simple side to make up, maybe a bold lip if I am being a bit extrovert ;)  I have made a lot of purchases recently which I am loving but obviously they cannot make my favourites! I will do a haul post later in the week :) Anyhow here are this months favourites...

If you follow me on twitter you will know I am loving Instagram at the moment ;)

Bourjois- Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 56. I have always liked this foundation, however for some reason I have being reaching for this more than my Chanel Vitalumier- which is so weird as my skin has actually been really good recently and I am not needing the extra coverage that this provides. However it is a firm favourite and I am really enjoying it at the moment. 

Chanel - Bronze Universal paired with Sigma F84. I love this product, it is something that not only bronzes my skin but also offers a bit more coverage when I need it. For me, as my skin is a little olive toned, it will not just be a summer product but something I can use all year round. I love the texture the smell, and the Sigma F84 angled top kabuki is perfect to apply. I like that its dense unlike the MAC angled brush which I found left it looking very patchy! All in all its a fab product and a make-up bag must have for me.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle.  I picked this up from Charlotte's Blog sale, after much agro on the post office's part I finally got my hands on it and I can say I am well and truly in love. I use it as a highlight on my cheeks, eyebrow bone and cupids bow. I love using as a base eye-shadow with something darker in the crease on a natural day but also as a blusher if I am using heavy contouring. Love this product and cannot understand why I never bought it earlier.

Prestige- My Blackest Lashes. I love Michele1218 on Youtube, I trust her opinion and her honesty and if I can I will try and try and product she raves about and this is one of them. This is so much better than any other drug store mascara and even maybe top 3 ever! Length? check. Volume? check. Blacker than Black lashes? check. A must have girls go buy now now now ! 

Mac Lipstick in Shy Girl. After Creme d'nude looked  too 'concealer lips' on me I stayed well away from Shy Girl, until I was at the counter looking for a new nude, looking more towards Hue, however the assistant suggested straight away, with hesitation I agreed to try and fell in love instantly, the Cremesheen formula finish really helps too! It's great for change in seasons too!

Oilatum- Natural Repair Face Cream. Cult product shown to the community by Pixiwoo, it not only leaves my skin moisturised and soft but balances out my oily areas - namely my t-zone. Great as a primer under make-up and I use it day and night to ensure my skin stays soft.

Hair Doughnut in Blonde. I am loving wearing my hair up in the doughnut, winged eyeliner and a bold lip. I am really enjoying this look as its simple and easy, but effective. I would recommend picking one up, they are currently £1.00 in Primark and come in different sizes depending on your hair length- this is how I wear mine

What are your top products this month?


Laura xox

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

NOTD: Leopard Print Nail Art

A rubbish first attempt you may agree, however for a nail art virgin like myself, I was pretty chuffed! This was all made capable with my *new* Models Own Nail Art Pen- which I must say I am in love with!

Have you tried the Models Own Nail Art Pen?

Laura xxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Clinque Pore Refining Solutions - Review Part 1

Hey Girls,

This is going to be a long post! So if you want to just hear what I think scroll to the bottom ;)

Some of you may know that my pores have always been something that I have struggled with skincare-wise, they are so huge, that not only did it make my skin look un-even and my make up not last very long, but it also meant that no matter how good my skincare routine was, my skin would never be clean and very prone to deep blackheads (were all friends here haha!) I have tried every product on the market including Benefits latest offering 'Porefessional', which was like a silicone-heaven/oil slick for my face, which did take me by surprise.

Then when flicking through a magazine, I saw an advert for a new product by Clinque claiming to help battle large pores, which I don't know why I didn't see it sooner, there are ads for this product everywhere! I thought about it for a while, and with a £35 or so price tag it didn't come cheap. When I was milling around Boots in Bluewater on payday I went to the Clinque counter and enquired about it. 
NEW Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum

I was greeted by a lovely assistant called Cheryl, I explained I had seen the product advertised and tried everything else, how could this product help me. This is where I thought it was a bit dubious as she sounded like she had read a script, which I hate with a passion. It was something along the lines of what they claim on their website: 

"Lightweight, oil-free serum with Pore Resurfacing Complex quickly, gently clears out debris and rough flakes. Pores 'snap back' into shape. Over time, helps skin create a stronger support structure and healthier cells. In 2 weeks, clinical tests confirm a 58% smaller appearance. A tighter, smoother look, guaranteed. "

So after the sales pitch was done she explained there was two products both the treatment - (this product) and a concealer type product, as then she proceeded to ask to try both on me. This is where the sales barrier broken down and I was actually able to hear what she actually thought of the product. To be fair the concealer was just a tinted version of the Benefit product so I wasn't interested, but I asked has she seen anyone that has used the treatment etc. Which is when she said that it's such a new product they hadn't seen any of the results first hand, yet I looked in the mirror and i did see a slight change in my worst area. I said to her, even if it improves it a tad I will be happy and she offered me a free consultation 2 weeks later, which is apparently the time it takes to see the full results, and we will discuss my thoughts and recommendations for the product as well as testing out other products in their pore range ( Foundations and skincare I think?) but also so she can see what results the product actually gives.

So with that I was sold! I took it home thinking that this would help me a bit but I wouldn't see much improvement, and I am one who likes to really use a product before making my mind up and really saying what I think. However 1 week into the 2 weeks and MY OH MY , I love this product! MY pores have shrinked so much, which in turn has helped clear my skin!  My make-up is lasting so much longer and my skin feels so soft I cannot wait to see what it will look like when I go back to see Cheryl next week. Friends have even noticed and commenting (un-prompted of course!) about how much better my skin is looking!

This is a pricey product, however I am a strong believer of that money is irrelevant if it works. I will update you soon on my final thoughts, but this may be a holy grail product for me!

What new products have you tried and fell in love with instantly?

Laura xxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

NOTD: Model's Own - Utopia

Love this colour for the period in-between summer and autumn as the weather is crazy!
2 coats and it is perfect- topped off with a nice generous coat of Seche Vite!

What are your favourite nail colours for this time of year?


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Summer Holidays...

Hi Guys,

Just a quick message to say I haven't crawled under a rock, I am on HOLIDAY!

lots and lots planned for when I get back so stay tuned!

Love you all


Thursday, 28 July 2011

NOTD: Topless and Barefoot

LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour for summer :)


Adele Inspired Tutorial

Hey Girls,

I was asked by a few people on twitter to do some make -up tutorials, so your wish is my command and I am kicking this all off with one inspired by Adele, featuring my gorgeous friend Victoria.

These are all the products that I have used to create the look- I have taken inspiration from a few photos I have found on google, her statement is shimmery smoky eyes with a neutral but strong lip.

1) Prime the skin with a primer, I have used Maybelline 'Instant anti-age smoother' but you could use any.

2) Use a flat top brush and a luminous foundation to create Adele's flawless skin, I have used Channel Vitalumier.

3) Use an eye primer and your ring finger with a hint of colour- I have used Rubenesque by MAC, up to the eyebrow which gives a warm shimmery base to start with.

4) On the eyelid apply a white eye-shadow, again any can be used but I used the Revlon ColourStay Palette in Steel Impressions with a large fluffy eye shadow brush.

5)Using the Naked Palette, on the outer half of the eye place 'Naked' down to warm the eye, on top of that apply 'Buck'  in the crease, before using 'Dark Horse' in just the outer corner to really darken the corner.
Blend well with a blending brush- mine is from ELF

6)Apply a concealer under the eyes to brighten and to remove any fall out

7)Line the water line and tight line with a black eye-liner- mine is the BedHead - Black Smudgie.

8) With a black gel eye-liner ( Mine is from No7) line the eyelid with a small and understated flick, I used a Louise Young LY24 brush.

9) Use Half Baked from the Naked Palette in the inner corner of the eye and bring it under the lower lash line.

10)Dot a small amount of NARS Orgasm Illuminator along the cheek bones, after allowing to dry apply Chanel's Bronze Universal as a contour and along the temples.

11) Use Rimmel's blush in Coral Rose along the cheek bones.

12) Use a mixture of 'Made to Order' by MAC and No25 Rouge pur Couture by YSL

13) Apply lots of mascara and false eyelashes if wanted.

And here is the finished look:

and the eyes...

I hope you all enjoyed this and try out the look yourselves,and link me to it :)

Thanks Girlies


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil Review

Hey Girlies,

In this months GlossyBox was an array of great items but the largest and one that popped out at me was the Weleda 'Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil' in it's bright red box and gold lettering, it was sure to stand out, even against the mini XenTan.  I love pomegranate, and was really hoping it wasn't going to be a synthetic smell or have no smell at all but it didn't let me down at all.

Sorry for the awful picture

I straight away tried some on the back of my hand and it felt divine. I am always a good tester for lotions, oils and creams as I have the driest skin ever, when I was little my mum called me the rhino child as my skin was so dry! I had a shower and  I applied to my skin after and it was GORGEOUS, my skin felt, looked and smelt amazing, it did exactly what it said on the tin ( or bottle!). It looked healthy, was nourished and gave my skin a lovely glow. 

I did some research and this product retails at £19.95 from the Weleda website which to be fair I think is an absolute bargain, I am getting rid of my body butters and creams as I think I have found 'the' product for my skin. AND they have other products in the range which I may have to purchase and review for you guys as I really think this will be a product for life!

What did you guys think that received it in this months GlossyBox? Will you repurchase?



Sunday, 24 July 2011

NOTD: Skull and Glossbones and a Ramble

Hey Ladies,

Today I have a simple NOTD for you all.
I picked up both OPI's Skull and GlossBones and Seche Vite in Sallys for under £10 - Happy Days!
Love the consistency of OPI polishes and will always be a favourite. I am also loving the whole 'Accent Nail' trend using Barry M Crackle Glaze, so here is the final product...

 I am loving the look and I am going to be wearing it for a while, although my Essie Spring Collection box came yesterday so I am sure that will shorten the length of the life of the polish on my nails.

For those of you who like bottles and packaging (Girls after my own heart) This bit is for you...

I will let you know my thoughts about Seche Vite as I wear it, as obviously to buy at retail ie. not at Sallys, it can be expensive depending on where you get it from and it is such a bloggers cult product, I want to see how it actually performs.

I have quite a few posts lined up, another Haul for you eeeek ! A couple of reviews and a blog about a very exciting new swap concept designed by Louisa at head over and check her blog and it out! If you have any requests tweet me them @LCCxox

Have a great week girlies xox

Monday, 18 July 2011

Lip Tattoos...

Hey Girlies,

So after hearing about Lip Tattoos I was very intregued into how they worked, did they work well and in general was it just another hype.

For those of you that don't know what they are, they are based on the tempory tattoos you would have as a child, where you would rub water on the back and volia you had a Teenage Ninger Turtle tattoo'd to your left cheek for 3 days! Back to lip tattoos... They are based on this principle yet minus the water, I thought I would do a step by step to show you guys.

Step 1)  Lift off the plastic covering from the 'open' part of the tattoo

Step 2) Fold length-ways backwards so that the tattoo is still on the outside, then place into your mouth to allow the colour to transfer to your lips, once removed blot the lips together

This is how it should look after the transfer

and the finished product?

Overall? I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be, however this is a baby pink colour and pink isn't the best on my skin tone. It would be good for your bag on a night out but not for every day use. It lasted on my lips about half an hour, which is not that good however, if a better lip colour and product was used this could be a very interesting product, I just feel it needs to be developed further.

What do you think - Have you tried lip tattoos?


Naked Palette Dupe?!?

Hey Guys,

I was searching through my collection when I came across an old palette. I worked for Claire's Accessories for 3 years and always raved about their make-up, however, I found a palette smaller in size, but would give the more popular shades in the Naked Palette a run for their money.

Claire's Accessories Palette (Top)
Urban Decay Palette (Bottom)

Sorry about the awful photo - didn't realise until I had uploaded!

 I am going to number these for purposes of comparing the two
a b

So there are both palettes with the colours in the pan, and you can start to see some of the similar colours, now I know some will not match exactly but I have tried to match them up as well as possible. The Naked colour will be swatched on the left with the Claire's colour on the right.

Toasted// Colour 1
Creep // Colour 7

Gunmetal// Colour 3

Hustle // Colour 4

Smog //Colour 6

Virgin // Colour 4

Half Baked // Colour B

As you can see the pigmentation of the Claire's Colours are matching up to the Urban Decay colours, and they have a good reputation of having good pigmentation. The colours may be slightly different but you can certainly see where I am coming from with the comparisons. The Claire's Palette costs £3.50, a fraction of the Naked, and more readily available. The Claire's ones are also available now in different packaging which some of you may prefer. I personally would get your hands on this or the similar palettes asap as the price vs quality wins hands down!

What do you think? Will you purchase the Claire's Palette?

Friday, 15 July 2011


Hey Girls!

I've done a bit of shopping and I thought I would share it with you...

Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser in Beige I bought this from the recommendation of Miss Budget Beauty, and I absolutely love it! My favourite is the No7 tinted moisturiser, but due to its recent hype its gotton so expensive, but for £1.99 you cannot go wrong. So moisturising and not too bad on the coverage side. I do like a good coverage, so typically I will mix this with a tiny bit of foundation, and it is a dream to use. The only issue is that there are only 3 colours, I picked mine up in Beige, which is the darkest and I could do with it being a tad darker- but when mixing it in, its gorgeous.

*Barry M Nail Paint in Peach Melba Ever since this colour has been released I have been hunting for it but it always seems to be sold out! I finally got my hands on it and I have been wearing it ever since, such a great colour and for the price, its not too bad for chipping either. I do like Barry M Nail Paints, along with OPI and ChinaGlaze they would be up there in my top 3- the formula is great, they last ages, and the colour  range is fantastic. If you can get you hands on this, it is a summer must!

* Channel Vitalumier Foundation Sample in Beige After the drama with the Vitalumier Aqua breaking me out, I was ready to try another of the Channel foundation family. This gives great coverage, doesn't dry my skin out, gives a fresh dewy look and I am quickly falling in love with this. Think this is next on my purchase list. 

* MAC Lipstick in CremeCup This buy was a 'second best' type of buy, I went in to purchase LoveLounge or Impassioned but nether were in stock in the HOF, Bluewater counter :( I love the cremesheen formula as they are really lovely to apply, however I have two niggles about this type of formula. 1. They do not last long on the lips, anybody have any tips? 2. Like my beloved Creme d'nude they melt and fall apart which is not attractive at all! However, that aside I love the colour of this, it also looks great paired with Beehive by 17. Gorgeous!

* Topshop Creamblush in Head over Heels The Topshop blushes have been a Blog and Youtube fav since they were released, and this colour in particular is top of peoples shopping lists. The cream to powder finish is lovely and it had real longevity, I really cannot wait to purchase another. Costing under a fiver, its a piece for your collection that you wont regret!

*Batiste Dry Shampoo in XXL Volume This was bought on the recommendation of  Vivianna, if you haven't read her review then head on over and take a read. I love this product, I always have massive lion hair and I am never seen without my Sami Hairspray, Dry shampoo and my back coming brush, but this has made my life so much easier and I love how it makes my hair look within 3 minutes! A must buy if you love voluminous hair and it looks pretty on my dresser, it matches my room perfectly!

I have also bought the new Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser and a review is coming your way!

Do you have any of the above items, what do you think?