Saturday, 7 January 2012

Haul: My first two MAC eye shadows

Hi Girls,

Yes, you read that correctly, I actually treated myself to two MAC eyeshadows, before my spending ban of course. I was in Westfields in Stratford and it was so busy, and surprisingly as I creeped past MAC so that my boyfriend wouldn't see me looking, it was empty! How strange - I think that is the only time he has ever been pleased to step into any establishment selling make up! 

I bought Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe, both of which I have heard so much about. I was going to get 'All that glitters' originally however, it was slightly too pink for me, so I changed for Naked Lunch. I have wanted satin taupe for so long, as I am really into taupey colours at the moment. They both look great on and to my surprise they look great together, Naked Lunch on the lid and Satin Taupe really well blended into the crease and under the eye. I think it is a lot of money, but as a treat I love them. I have my eye on a few more when my spending ban ends, so I will keep you updated.

Do you like MAC eyeshadows? Think they are worth the hype?

See you soon



  1. These were my first ever MAC eyeshadows too! I loved wearing Naked Lunch all over the lid with Satin Taupe in the crease.. you have good taste ;) X

  2. How funny Naked Lunch was my first Mac eyeshadow too!! I think they're definitely a good treat to buy but I agree quite expensive. I also love woodwinked :)