Thursday, 1 March 2012

RANT: Are those your REAL Eyelashes?

I am SO sorry I havent posted in a while ladies, I am been rushed off my feet with my new job at Benefit and Uni and if I am honest I haven't had time to blog.


After seeing Chezza Cole's new L'oreal advert showing no fake lashes for a mascara ad and people are bashing it saying her lashes look awful! Now I don't think they look amazing, however, are people now saying that they infact want to see... Follwing this back lash the 'still image' adverts are now showing some signs of alteration

Now they are still saying that it shows no enhancement and is just Chezza's lashes. LIE. blatent lie! I'm sorry but as a consumer I just want to be shown the real deal and not what a pair of 'fake' fake lashes look like?

How do you feel? Am I Alone in this? Do you feel as angered as me?

Not even in relation to this ad, just in general? Air brushing, Enhancement etc, don't you just want to know what the product actually does, not what 'they say it does' or 'what photoshop makes the product do'

AHHHH this is annoying me as I type ! LOL

What do you guys think?

Am I over exaggerating? Do you prefer to see an exaggerated reality?

Love to you all



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  1. I completely agree! I think its absolutely ridiculous why this type of advert i.e. no false lashes or post production enhancement, was such a revelation or one of the firsts of its kind. I mean wtf? Why do they even bother with the production of an advert showcasing a product they are going to create afterwards on photoshop anyway. It shouldn't even be allowed, completely false advertising! Xx