Thursday, 5 January 2012

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner

Hey Girls,

After seeing Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo go on about this eye liner I thought, (as you do), I need this in my life. LOL * I do know they are affiliated with Avon, but some how I believe that they only chose products they actually like* Not having an Avon lady was problematic, until someone on twitter alerted me that you can now buy on-line? When did that happen, so I went and ordered myself a new eye-liner in Black. (Just in-time for my spending ban)

Just as I expected it is a gel format which means it is really soft and easy to work with, however if applying to the upper lash line, you do need to be very light with your application. Apart from that I am loving this eye-liner, it's staying power is amazing. I have a real trouble when putting things on my waterline with them either a) not lasting b) transferring under my eye- and the Kiss look is not the type of look I go for. But it stays in place beautifully and never had to touch it up. With a price tag of £3.50 it is a steal! I might even look into buying some more colours, this is Holy Grail material!

Have you tried any Avon products before? What do you think?
Speak to You soon


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  1. Everyone seems to love this but I never wear eyeliner on my waterline! Might have to invest in this to change that! X