Thursday, 28 July 2011

Adele Inspired Tutorial

Hey Girls,

I was asked by a few people on twitter to do some make -up tutorials, so your wish is my command and I am kicking this all off with one inspired by Adele, featuring my gorgeous friend Victoria.

These are all the products that I have used to create the look- I have taken inspiration from a few photos I have found on google, her statement is shimmery smoky eyes with a neutral but strong lip.

1) Prime the skin with a primer, I have used Maybelline 'Instant anti-age smoother' but you could use any.

2) Use a flat top brush and a luminous foundation to create Adele's flawless skin, I have used Channel Vitalumier.

3) Use an eye primer and your ring finger with a hint of colour- I have used Rubenesque by MAC, up to the eyebrow which gives a warm shimmery base to start with.

4) On the eyelid apply a white eye-shadow, again any can be used but I used the Revlon ColourStay Palette in Steel Impressions with a large fluffy eye shadow brush.

5)Using the Naked Palette, on the outer half of the eye place 'Naked' down to warm the eye, on top of that apply 'Buck'  in the crease, before using 'Dark Horse' in just the outer corner to really darken the corner.
Blend well with a blending brush- mine is from ELF

6)Apply a concealer under the eyes to brighten and to remove any fall out

7)Line the water line and tight line with a black eye-liner- mine is the BedHead - Black Smudgie.

8) With a black gel eye-liner ( Mine is from No7) line the eyelid with a small and understated flick, I used a Louise Young LY24 brush.

9) Use Half Baked from the Naked Palette in the inner corner of the eye and bring it under the lower lash line.

10)Dot a small amount of NARS Orgasm Illuminator along the cheek bones, after allowing to dry apply Chanel's Bronze Universal as a contour and along the temples.

11) Use Rimmel's blush in Coral Rose along the cheek bones.

12) Use a mixture of 'Made to Order' by MAC and No25 Rouge pur Couture by YSL

13) Apply lots of mascara and false eyelashes if wanted.

And here is the finished look:

and the eyes...

I hope you all enjoyed this and try out the look yourselves,and link me to it :)

Thanks Girlies


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