Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil Review

Hey Girlies,

In this months GlossyBox was an array of great items but the largest and one that popped out at me was the Weleda 'Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil' in it's bright red box and gold lettering, it was sure to stand out, even against the mini XenTan.  I love pomegranate, and was really hoping it wasn't going to be a synthetic smell or have no smell at all but it didn't let me down at all.

Sorry for the awful picture

I straight away tried some on the back of my hand and it felt divine. I am always a good tester for lotions, oils and creams as I have the driest skin ever, when I was little my mum called me the rhino child as my skin was so dry! I had a shower and  I applied to my skin after and it was GORGEOUS, my skin felt, looked and smelt amazing, it did exactly what it said on the tin ( or bottle!). It looked healthy, was nourished and gave my skin a lovely glow. 

I did some research and this product retails at £19.95 from the Weleda website which to be fair I think is an absolute bargain, I am getting rid of my body butters and creams as I think I have found 'the' product for my skin. AND they have other products in the range which I may have to purchase and review for you guys as I really think this will be a product for life!

What did you guys think that received it in this months GlossyBox? Will you repurchase?



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