Tuesday, 27 September 2011

South Coast and South Meet-up

Hey Girls,

I am really excited to announce/organise a bloggers meet up for us southerners! I always see meet ups that take place up north and in London and none ever seem to take place down south! I'm sure there must be a few of us hiding in the woodwork! But of course if you are a Northern or central? blogger we would love to meet you too!

When:                     26th and 27th November 2011
Where:                    Brighton

There is no plans set in stone, however was thinking shopping and a few drinks then moving on the bright lights of West St. for a night out- obviously you would have to be over 18 for this, but under 18's are very welcome to come for the day time ! I'm sure it will be a jam packed two days so to ensure this can happen can you Email, tweet me or comment below and let me know you are interested :) and of course, re-post on your blog to ensure we can meet as many people as possible.

My Email is LCCxox@gmail.com and my twitter is @LCCxox

I look forward to hearing from you all and finally meeting some of you :)


1 comment:

  1. Would love to come been waiting for a Brighton meet up but unfortunately I'm working those days :( I'm off the 29th/30th :( Always happens to me! xxx