Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Shellac Manicure & NOTD

Hey Girls,

Hope you all had lovely christmas' :)

You may have heard Shellac, floating around the beauty community for a while now and you may have even had in done. However, for those of you who don't know what Shellac is, it is a manicure treatment where the nails are painted but it has the staying power of gel nails.Supposedly lasting 2 weeks, that I do not know yet however, I did have them done today and I am really excited to show you all :)

Shellac Manicure in Iced Capuchino

Now I hate the colour, but I LOVE the way it feels on my nails,  feels just like false nails, which I have done religiously but I love that they are short and practical. Again the downside is that the colour range is tiny and I hate the colour I have, however the salon around the corner does 'Gelish'. Same concept different name, and better colours, which I may try next time :) 

Have you had Shellac done before? What are you thoughts on this concept?


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