Monday, 12 December 2011

Black Friday Sigma Brushes Order

Hey Girls,

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I made a cheeky Sigma purchase on Black Friday. They were offering free worldwide shipping, which is the only thing that puts me off buying sigma as it is so god-darned expensive to ship! However I have been wanting some brushes after buying two F84's - Angled top Kabukis, which I use for my foundation and in the summer my Chanel Bronze Universal. 

After spending ages looking at my budget (after all it was a pretty impulsive buy), and deciding what was the best option, I went for the travel kit, which was not only cheap but also was on sale, so after the deductions and the currency exchange I paid a little over £30.00 .... SO CHEAP :) It then proceeded me to the checkout and said can take up to  12 weeks for standard delivery which didn't bother me too much as I know they only do that for if customs want to check the package. However low and behold 2 and a half weeks later they were here ....

Just covering my address 

And they were SO beautiful as I opened, everything in the net bags, unfortunately I was too excited to grab my camera so your imagination will be needed ;) and excuse the dirty brushes, I wanted to try them all before giving my opinions.

In this set I received (L-R)
Large powder F30, Duo Fibre F50, Large Angle Contour F40, Foundation F60
Tapered Blending E40, Pencil E30, Eye Shading E55

I also received 2 brushes free !

They were:
Short Shader E20 and Blending E25

I was so happy with my order I couldn't wait to use them so rocked a full on smoky eye to work just to get to use them.... So what do I think?

F30: Lovely brush, as its travel size obviously a lot smaller but perfect for blush, great shape for the job
F50: Again lovely brush, great for cream blusher, but at the moment I'm loving it for my setting powder
F40: Love this brush as a contour brush, perfect size, works great with my Hoola
F60: This is the only brush I haven't used as I hate this style of foundation brush, but is so soft and well shaped
E40: This is my favourite and my new holygrail brush, I never even thought I needed it as I had blending brushes etc. However its perfect for having no colour on it and just blending each colour out MUST HAVE
E55: To me this is a standard brush for packing on colour, obviously if you don't have one then this is good but I have a million and one other brushes like this
E30: This is my next favourite behind the E40, perfect for smudging colour under the lower lash line- again love this brush, can't see myself without it
E25: As much as this is a great brush it is exactly the same as the No.7 one, like exactly the same, so obviously the brush is a must but you can access it cheaper when the No.7 vouchers are running.
E20:I love this brush, has the same principle as the E30, but also love it for laying black shadow alone the lashline before adding gel liner

So there we have it,  I love these brushes, and wouldn't go back, I may save and buy the full size ones that come in the tube that becomes the 2 holders

Have you tried Sigma before? What do you think?

Lots of love 

They are offering a free gift with every purchase at the moment (this post is not sponsored!) 

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