Monday, 18 July 2011

Naked Palette Dupe?!?

Hey Guys,

I was searching through my collection when I came across an old palette. I worked for Claire's Accessories for 3 years and always raved about their make-up, however, I found a palette smaller in size, but would give the more popular shades in the Naked Palette a run for their money.

Claire's Accessories Palette (Top)
Urban Decay Palette (Bottom)

Sorry about the awful photo - didn't realise until I had uploaded!

 I am going to number these for purposes of comparing the two
a b

So there are both palettes with the colours in the pan, and you can start to see some of the similar colours, now I know some will not match exactly but I have tried to match them up as well as possible. The Naked colour will be swatched on the left with the Claire's colour on the right.

Toasted// Colour 1
Creep // Colour 7

Gunmetal// Colour 3

Hustle // Colour 4

Smog //Colour 6

Virgin // Colour 4

Half Baked // Colour B

As you can see the pigmentation of the Claire's Colours are matching up to the Urban Decay colours, and they have a good reputation of having good pigmentation. The colours may be slightly different but you can certainly see where I am coming from with the comparisons. The Claire's Palette costs £3.50, a fraction of the Naked, and more readily available. The Claire's ones are also available now in different packaging which some of you may prefer. I personally would get your hands on this or the similar palettes asap as the price vs quality wins hands down!

What do you think? Will you purchase the Claire's Palette?

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