Tuesday, 12 July 2011

St Moritz vs. St Mortiz


WOW it feels like I have been away for so long, the 45 hour weeks as well as doing work experience at my old secondary school has left no time for blogging.  However, of course, I have been able to make a trip to town to grab some new items, which I will upload soon.

I walked into my local Savers, which stocks St. Mortiz and I noticed they had got the lotion version in store, I couldnt resist picking it up when I saw it, for blogging purposes purely of course!

St.Mortiz Lotion (L) and St.Mortiz Dark Mousse (R)

I was so excited to get home shower and exfoliate to try this out, I hadn't and still haven't read many reviews on this, but from past experience I did always prefer a lotion as I have rather dry skin, but stuck with the mousse as it gave such a great colour. 

St.Mortiz Dark Mousse

 I did the above, put on an overnight hair mask, sexy hey!? and pulled out my freshly washed tanning mitt and gave it a whirl, now this went on like a dream... no rushing as the mousse was drying, i didn't have to shake the bottle, no dripping. I can't understand why I hadn't hunted this down before.

St.Mortiz Lotion

Even colour-wise; I would place it between the normal and the dark of the mousse version, which suits me perfectly.The only downside I would say is that, if you do have really dry skin you would have to use a little bit more as obviously as a lotion it soaks into the skin, but using plenty of body butter should sort that right out! With a £2.99 price tag, you really cannot go wrong!

Have you tried the lotion, which do you prefer?



  1. I've never tried out the lotion, definately going to pick it up after reading this though! :) x

  2. I love fake tan lotions, definitely giving this ago dont know why i walked past it the other day! x