Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Nudes....

I LOVE a good nude colour, whether it is on my lips, nails, cheeks or on the eye, im my can never go wrong with a nude.

So when a fellow blogger asked to send me a nude Nail Polish to try, I couldn't say no.

I introduce Revlon Nail Enamel in 030 Grey Suede, from first impressions, even though a nude, I wouldn't have picked it up in a shop - it looks a bit... bland to me. However, I tried it anyway, all in the name of blogging, and you know what? I loved it!

Nail Polish - Revlon 030 Nude Suede
Ring - Dorothy Perkins

Yes, okay, it took 3 coats to achieve a nice even colour, but which polish doesn't nowdays? I have really small hands it it helps elongate my fingers as well as keeping me looked polished and tidy. Who would have thought of it eh? 

On the other hand, the also pictured, Revlon 'Liquid Quick Dry', wasn't such a success for me, I found after fannying about putting it on the nail and ensuring it wasn't dripping everywhere or leaving ridge marks on my nails, it took longer for them to dry than they normally would.  I wasn't impressed, however, if anyone does know how to use it better than I do, I really welcome your help and comments!

What are your favourite Nude polishes at the moment?

LCC xox

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